Rush Appraisals Available

Whenever you need an appraisal done quickly, we will do our best to accommodate you with a Rush or Super-Rush Appraisal Service. We hope you understand that these services are not available on all properties and previous commitments could limit our availability to perform rush and super-rush services.

Rush or Super-Rush Appraisal Service

We know there are unexpected circumstances when you will need an appraisal completed right away. That is why we offer our rush appraisal services. We hope you understand that not every property is eligible for rush or super-rush services. Although we will do our best to accommodate your request, previous commitments might limit our capability to prepare your appraisal in a rush. It is our vision and mission here at True Value Appraisal, Inc. (TVA) to afford you a thorough and fair inspection of your property or perspective acquisition. Therefore, we want to have every available appraiser on the ground for your property inspection and appraisal.

Full Disclosure for Appraisal

Every client who requests rush services must disclose all unusual or exceptional circumstances. These circumstances might include such things as damage, living areas that are different than those on public records, noteworthy views, and etc. Anything out of the ordinary should be discussed with your appraiser.

What is the Difference between Rush & Super-Rush?  

Despite the fact that our appraisers make every effort to complete all appraisals in a time-efficient manner, delays happen. Consequently, rush orders can only be accommodated by ensuring the assigned team is focused solely on the rush service.

  • A RUSH service agreement is our guarantee that the report of appraisal will be delivered electronically within a 48-hour period after completion. Since that guarantee often includes weekends and holidays, we must ensure our appraisers receive just compensation for their time away from family. A RUSH service normally includes an additional 25 percent charge over that of our regular appraisal fee.
  • A SUPER-RUSH agreement is our guarantee that the report of appraisal will be delivered electronically within a 24-hour period after completion and normally includes a 50 percent additional fee.

Give Pierre Jacques at TVA a call when you have questions regarding the availability of rush services for your appraisal. To see what your friends and neighbors are saying about our services, check our Testimonials and then pick up the phone and dial, 314-862-1644.