Pre-Listing, Pre-Purchase, FSBO’s

Today’s real estate market can be a challenge. As a homeowner selling the family home independently (for sale by owner, FSBO), or as a seasoned realtor attempting to establish the fair list value for that property. It is frequently difficult to sort through market data and other variables to determine what is the true value for that property or the family home.

Therefore, it is a commonplace practice for realtors and homeowners to utilize an appraiser for assistance in establishing that list price to sell their home.

Comparative Market Analysis versus Third Party Appraisals

True Value Appraisal, Inc. (TVA) provides its clients with a third party appraisal by skilled professionals, which is more accurate and valuable than a realtor established Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), which compares amenities of your home with others in your area to come up with a ballpark figure as the list price, but it is not an appraisal.

The wise course of action would be to leave it to the professionals at TVA, who have a long record of work with the homeowners in the St Louis area that are selling their homes. Eventually, even the realtors come to TVA to gain further support for those listings and provide a detailed appraisal to prove the market value they gave the home buyer in the CMA. To ensure both you and the agent have a precise description of the features of your home and an analysis of the current conditions, let us prepare a third party appraisal. For a fully analyzed property value assessment, trust a third party professional, trust TVA.

Why a Professional Appraisal from TVA?

Along with helping you decide on a realistic sales price for your home to attract buyers, professional appraisals:

  • Provide effective tools to negotiate with promising buyers or their agents
  • Help instill faith in the minds of probable buyers, since you have documentation that proves the home’s value
  • Highlight any repair issues upfront, which will help eliminate the last-minute hassles over repairs that might hinder or delay closing
  • Lessen the chance of a sale falling through because of unexpected problems

The wise homeowner bears in mind that an overpriced home attracts considerably fewer potential buyers. This means fewer or no offers, wasted time, effort, and most of all money, while the underpriced home often results in a lower sales price, which means the seller leaves significant money on the deal.

Getting a pre-list/pre-purchase appraisal from TVA will assist your realtor and you in determining an accurate list price. An accurate valuation will help you maximize the chance of a quick sale at the right price, and that often means top dollar. Additionally, we can assist you in determining what improvements, if any, should be done to add value at the lowest possible cost.  

You may not need a full appraisal depending on your needs and what you are looking for. Routinely, a market analysis or limited valuation report are appropriate. Likewise, for other reasons you may want a full exterior and interior valuation.

When it comes to property appraisals and what type you need for whatever purpose, give Pierre Jacques and the professionals at True Value Appraisals, Inc. a call today.