Pre-Foreclosure & Short Sales

Bank Owned Real Estate (REO)

True Value Appraisal, Inc. (TVA) is your leading provider of appraisals needed for short sales and real estate-owned (REO) foreclosures.

Our business appraises both residential and commercial real estate properties everywhere within the greater metropolitan and suburban Saint Louis area. Providing highly detailed, quality appraisals with fully-analyzed opinions concerning the fair market valuations of these properties for banks or other servicing clients. Our appraisal also includes a “quick sale” forecast that considers your particular timeline.

Our appraisal services on short sale or foreclosed properties provide what is necessary for the homeowner in default, banks holding REO properties, HUD, FHA, mortgage lenders, loan services or law firms, as well as any additional financial services companies who make commercial or personal loans.

“Fair Market Value” vs “Quick Disposition”

When it comes to REOs and commercial properties, the bank as well as the owner need to be aware of the differences between a “quick disposition” and a “fair market” value, so that they may determine the charge-off liability or a possible equity position. Whether the property is commercial or residential, determining the fair market value in a real estate market in constant flux is crucial for reducing inventories of non-performing REO or commercial real estate. 

Real estate owners, who are in a foreclosure status or are battling foreclosure face many challenges. Some will make their property unavailable, or are otherwise unwilling to permit inspection of their property. In some cases, they may have abandoned the property already, neglected the proper maintenance of the property, or caused willful damage. However, you must have an inspection performed before making an offer on the property, if you have a desire to buy that property.

Termite infestations, vandalism, and other damages may not be readily evident without a thorough inspection by a state certified appraiser.  

Our professional, state certified appraisers have the experience and knowledge necessary to handle each particular aspect of short sales and foreclosures. That is why relying on our detailed summary of property value assessments is wise for buyers and bankers alike. 

In the St Louis area, when you need an appraisal or have questions concerning a short sale or foreclosure buy, the team to call is Pierre Jacques and his True Value Appraisal, Inc. “Our Name Says It All!”