Divorce Appraisals

Professional St Louis Real Estate Appraisal

Divorce can be a painful ordeal. This process involves many decisions for both parties, including “who is staying in the home?”; “is it better to sell and split the money?”; “if we sell will the children have to change schools?”; “if we keep the house, who will pay the mortgage? And will it remain dual property?”; among others. One option is selling the house and splitting any profits. Another, could be if one buys out the other. The options vary, but a wise choice, before you make any decision is to get an appraisal and determine the Fair Market Value.

Fair Market Value or Property Value Assessment

Whatever your final decision is, information on the value of your home and property, affirmed by a professional appraisal service is paramount to making an informed decision. Whoever pays for the appraisal can include their expense in the asset division, even though an appraisal on the property will not be that much. It is certainly worth every penny knowing the Fair Market Value to help you make the difficult decisions facing you. A professional, well supported appraisal that is easily justified in a court of law is a necessary expense, as well as valuable information.

We have conducted countless appraisals for divorces over the years, it is unfortunate that so many have been for that reason; however, it has given us an understanding of the process. We know the exact procedures and we can handle your appraisal quickly with discretion. We also can do a retrospective appraisal, when it is required due a difference between the divorce date or filing date and the effective date for a value estimate.

We are obligated by the ethical standards and provisions within the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). That means that you can rest assured of guaranteed confidentiality and discretion in our handling of your family home or commercial property appraisal. Additionally, we will provide a comprehensive appraisal report that will meet or surpass the requirements of Missouri courts and those various agencies who may require your appraisal.

Why True Value Appraisal, Inc. (TVA)

When working with TVA and our professional team of knowledgeable and experienced appraisers, you receive the best in courtesy, efficiency, and privacy. Our team will protect and respect your privacy during and after the settlement of your divorce situation.

Pierre Jacques, the Senior Appraiser, has in the past and currently deals with many influential Family Law Firms in the St. Louis City, Missouri; Jefferson County Missouri; and St. Charles Missouri City and County area, as a member (Associate) of the American Bar Association. Many law firms, mediation advisors, and accountants trust and ask for the valuation opinion of TVA when they formulate values for real property for divorces and other legal proceedings or disputes that regard the actual Fair Market Value of real property.

Call TVA today at 314-862-1644 with your questions regarding divorce property settlements, or fill out an appraisal request form to get the ball rolling. To see what your friends and neighbors are saying about Pierre Jacques and his True Value team, check our feedback and reviews on our Testimonial page.