Bail Bonds Appraisals

When you need an appraisal done on your property to post bond for someone True Value Appraisal, Inc. will make the process as painless as possible.

The need to post bond for a loved one can be traumatizing and humbling. That’s why True Value Appraisal, Inc. (TVA) your family-oriented friends in the appraisal business are here to assist you. We understand that in a situation such as this, you do not want to get the run-around, you need results in a hurry. Although we process every request for an appraisal as quickly as possible, when you need Rush or Super-Rush services you can fill out and submit your request online here. This service will get thing moving and assist you to bring your loved one home as quickly as possible.

Why You need an Appraisal

When a loved one is in custody or otherwise detained by law enforcement and requires bond, the appraisal is normally required to conclude if the property or collateral is sufficient for immigration bond or other bail purposes. This kind of appraisal is what is known in our office as a “drop whatever you’re doing appraisal.” When you need to offer your property as security, the value of your property needs to be ascertained and you need to have the appraisal in your hands fast.

This means we will stop work on other appraisals in progress, postpone or rearrange appointments, or whatever it takes in order to concentrate rigidly on your pressing needs. This category of appraisal will receive the highest importance and you can count on our confidentiality and discretion to ensure your privacy. 

Why You need a True Value Appraisal

Our team is made up of experienced and certified appraisers that understand the complexities concerned with assessing property values. Especially during this difficult situation, our team will work hard for you and give your property assessment the attention needed to provide you with an experience free from additional stress.

Pierre Jacques, TVA’s Senior Appraiser, is an American Bar Association (ABA) member and has thorough experience and knowledge working with numerous Law Firms locally in these bond proceedings, as well as bail bond businesses in the area.

To receive prompt attention, fill out an online form or call Pierre directly at 314-862-1644. True Value Appraisal, Inc., “Our Name Says It All.”