About Us

True Value Appraisal Company is a premier residential and commercial appraisal firm serving St. LouisMissouri, St. LouisCity, Jefferson County Missouri and St. Charles Missouri City and County.  Our staff of appraisers is FHA-approved; most of our appraisers have lived and have lived in the territory for most of their lives.  We have an extensive understanding of the local markets.  We offer a large spread of inspection products and appraisal services such as, single family residential, FHA, multi-family, BPO, review, and Commercial appraisals. 

Additionally, we specialize in Reo appraisals and complex, high-end homes.  We are approved appraisers for National Banks and organizations like SunTrust, Colonial Bank, National City, Flagstar, Fannie Mae, Dart Appraisal Service Wells Fargo, etc., as well as most regional and national secondary lenders.  Our customer-service driven staff of appraisers and support personnel provides a level of customer support that is unrivaled in the industry. 

We look forward to providing your organization with excellent quality appraisals in a timely manner.  We would appreciate an opportunity to discuss our services with you at your convenience, please advise how we can proceed to apply for approved appraiser status with your company.